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1. Double-sided sign and chalk markers.

This is an iconic photo opportunity to have with your youngster on their first day of school and their last day of school! Save 50% off using our exclusive link, for a limited time.

2. Mini Handheld Stroller and Kid Fan.

Not only do I have this and use this for our little nugget’s stroller, but we suggest you get it to for your baby, kid, or even adult. Since it is portable and does a nice job of cooling and attaching to handles, it would come handy in the car for hot summers. You can never have enough cooling, especially when you send your child off to school this summer. Save 50% using our exclusive link above.

3. Portable Bedside Lamp.

What child, or even adult, couldn’t use a bedside lamp? Especially a portable one that changes colors? Name them for me! Seriously, I want to know who couldn’t. Personally, I can never get enough color changing lights. Save 50% now using the exclusive link above.

4. iPhone Lighting Cables.

You can NEVER have enough phone cords to charge, especially for the youngsters. We love them, but if anything, they lost stuff a lot and break stuff, right? That’s just what kids do. So, stock up and save 75% with our exclusive Amazon link on 6-foot lighting cables for iPhones and iPads.

5.Back to School Bracelet.

Literally intended for a child’s first day of school, these bracelets come in packs of two so they can each share in the journey together. Share with a best friend, a parent, a sibling, a teacher. The choice is there’s. Save 60% for a limited time with our exclusive link.

6. Cupcake liners.

Because back-to-school is stressful for kids, parents, grandparents, and teachers alike, you deserve to make some cupcakes to alleviate some stress! We have a great deal for our followers on 24 cupcake liners for 50% off till 7/31/22.

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