Philips Hue Pathway Light Calla White & Color

  • Approach all colors of the rainbow to brighten dark, dimly lit entrances. The lights are safe to put in, easy to use, and easy to install. To install, put the product in the required place, connect it to the power supply, plug it into the power outlet, and pair it with the speaker.
  • Control Philips Hue lights with your voice with your Amazon Echo Dot, Apple homekit, or Google smart speaker. Pair your Hue lights with your existing Nest or SMARTThings home automation system.
  • Easy to use yourself, the products are based on low voltage, safe to operate, and simple to set up. To install, simply placed the product in the desired location, connect it via the power supply, plug, and pair it with your Hue hub. To accommodate best connectivity your first Philips Hue lighting must be within 30 ft from the hub or the closet nearest Hue. You can extend the distance if needed.
  • Watertight and of excellent quality, the material is resistant and durable. Up to 25, 000 hours and 2 years is the estimated lifespan.
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